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1833 Welcome Ln
Nashville, TN, 37216
United States

(615) 389-1826

8 Lavender Lane Catering and Events in Nashville, Tn. is a full service catering and event company, specializing in creative, custom menus for weddings, events, and parties of all sizes and styles. 

Our educated staff goes above and beyond from start to finish to insure that all of your needs are met. From the initial consultation through the planning and execution of your event, our loyal staff and team members will support you through every step.

In 1999 we opened our business with the intentions of providing unsurpassed customer service. We also pushed to provide the highest quality and freshest food, along with personalized attention to every detail of our clients’ events and catering needs. Our company is proud to say that we have carried our initial vision with us over the past 15 years, and we continue to always put our clients’ needs first.

Street Art Meets Food  |  Banksy at Tinney Contemporary

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Street Art Meets Food | Banksy at Tinney Contemporary

Debbie Sutton

Featuring the noted work of some of the world's prime street and graffiti artists, the Nashville Walls Project, sponsored by Gibson Custom Guitars, has started to display giant wall murals on designated buildings in downtown Nashville.

In April, we had the opportunity to cater the grand exhibit opening at Tinney Contemporary.  The exhibit celebrated international artists RONE, Niels "Shoe" Meulman, Herakut, and Adele Renault, who are all part of the city project.  "Haight Street Rat", the famed work of world-renowned street artist Banksy, also premiered at the gallery event. 

Using fresh and local products from Carter Creek Farms and Radley Farms in Nashville, we decided to create an hors d'oeuvre menu that showcased our artistic passion and culinary creativity.  Take a look:      

Shrimp-filled Smoked Okra with Tomato Roe

Street Art Macaroon with Herbed Goat Cheese and  Fresh Lox

Beef Tartare

Orzotto Disk with Lemon Grass Gelee and Egyptian Star Flowers

Confit Lamb Tacos

Strawberry Shortcake

Chocolate Ganache Thimbels

Chocolate Ganache Thimbels

Cheese-shaped Dinner Mints